The following short stories are all available on Amazon Kindle:


Drill, Baby, Drill

When Sarah moves to Drill Town with her husband Tom, she expects to find a place dominated by bars, brawling and whorehouses. To her delight, however, the town is pleasant and family-friendly, a place where the men all dote on their wives and infidelity is unheard of. Very quickly, Sarah notices an increase in her own sexual appetite and desires…     (Also available at Smashwords)


The Story of Gaia

When James infiltrates a protest group campaigning against the supermarket his company plans to build, his task is to identify the leaders and silence them. He hasn’t reckoned on Gaia, however, a free-spirited earth goddess whose sexual appetite is a force of nature in itself…


Pitching Up

Glenn never had much luck with girls in the past, consoling himself instead with camping, hiking and fishing trips. Now he wants to share his love of nature with city-girl Janine, who’s crushed his wholesome ways with a tidal wave of hedonism and lust. But how will the girl whose idea of the countryside is a short-cut through Hyde Park cope with the great outdoors?


Shiva’s Sanctuary

When Abby fails to find her inner self at a retreat in Northern India, she decides to indulge in the massage to end all massages in a hotel spa instead. There, she discovers that what she’s lacked in spiritual healing, she more than makes up for in sexual healing…  (Also available at Smashwords)


Lola at One O’Clock

Now that Kate’s been moved sideways in her company, she’s got time on her hands. An old friend has set up a sex hotline, and when one of her staff falls ill, Kate agrees to take on some of the calls. She discovers she’s a natural, but has no idea just how effective her talents are going to be…



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