Welcome to the world of Primmie Darling, a pretty twenty-something masseuse whose special services propel her to the heart of the British government.  Here, she finds her sexual horizons widening to include politicians and rock stars, media moguls and footballers, Hollywood actors and Russian oligarchs.  But all Primmie really wants is love, and as she embarks on her journey of sexual discovery, she learns that love can be found in the most surprising of places…

Book One

In the Corridors of Power

Primmie is intrigued by her new massage client, an elegant and clearly wealthy blonde.  When she offers her special services, the woman readily accepts, and is so pleased with the result she invites Primmie to make home calls.  It’s only later that Primmie realises just how famous the home she’ll be visiting really is…

Behind Closed Doors

Primmie is becoming indispensable to Nixie Dorchester, wife of the British Prime Minister, who has no fashion sense and whose icy Swiss demeanour has alienated the all-important British press.  Keen to establish a full-time role, Primmie needs the approval of Jerek Winston, the PM’s openly gay media spokesman, who wrongfoots her with a revelation of his own.  When a  nervous Nixie has to make a speech at a charity function, she calls upon Primmie’s special calming technique to help her.

Secret Services

Primmie meets camp celebrity hairstylist Sven-Mikael and realises that he isn’t everything he seems.  While accompanying Jerek to an elite and very secretive sex party, she discovers there’s a whole lot more to reviled EU commissioner Richard de Castellane than the press has ever mentioned, and determines to make use of his assets…


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